Happy Halloween From Chillingo

Posted by Chris Hall on October 26th, 2010

Not to be left out of the Halloween fun, Chillingo has a game coming out and a bunch of updates to get us into the Halloween spirit.

Zombie Party - I unfortunately don't speak German and can't accurately translate the official press release from Mobile Bits, but the Google translation leads me to think that Zombie Party is a four player party game for the iPad (and a number of other platforms) based on the Delta Engine. The game has four included minigames, Pinball, Tanks, Zombie Hockey & Brain Dart, all of which are able to be played with virtual controls in each of the corners of the iPad screen.

According to Mobile Bits, Zombie Party will be out before Halloween for 4.99 Euros ($6.99).


Minigore - In addition to Game Center scoring, some graphics updates, and a new mode called Inferno, Minigore is adding "undead Jane" to the roster of characters for some Halloween fun.

Monster Mayhem - Monster mayhem is adding Zombie Pumpkins to the "goriest, bloodiest, hack-and-slash monster game you've ever seen". It's also 50% off for the month of Halloween, so pick it up while it's cheap.

Pro Zombie Soccer Lite - Not really an update, but the new lite version of Pro Zombie Soccer lets players brutalize the walking dead for the price of nothing.

Vampire Origins: RELOADED - Vampire Origins is adding a new survival mode to the game, as well as a new gyroscopic gun range that has you playing the game through Vincent's eyes. LIke Monster Mayhem, the game is also on sale for 99 cents for a limited time.

Zombie Wonderland - This new update adds good and bad ghosts that appear when the zombies that get shot (like zombies have souls... psh). Also included are tornadoes that blow zombies away and zombie termites that can eat through boarded windows.

Zombie Party and the rest of the updates will be out in the days leading up to Halloween. Check out the included screenshots of the Halloween updates after the jump. Enjoy!