Quit Smoking For Good With The Help Of Kwit

Posted by Jennifer Allen on May 30th, 2012
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

World No Tobacco Day takes place on May 31st. Thanks to this, many people will be attempting to give up smoking in order to enjoy healthier and cheaper lives. Giving up smoking is far from an easy thing to do, however, which is where new app Kwit features.

The app adds gamification elements to the process of quitting smoking in order to motivate its users to continue avoiding their addictive habit.

In all, there are 60 achievements to unlock as well as a form of levelling up system. Health, wellbeing, finances, free time and the amount of cigerettes smoked are all taken into account in order to devise the current level for the user with the level supplying useful information about what this means for the ex-smoker. There's also a timer function that informs them just how long they've given up for, right down to the second!

Motivation and determination is a big part of kicking the habit and Kwit should go a long way to keeping people away from smoking for good.

It's out now and it's currently free to download.