Hungry For Hungarian Soups

Posted by Chris Hall on October 28th, 2010
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As far as home cooking goes, there really aren't that many people that make soup any more. People are more than willing to grill anything from steak to pineapple and make all sorts of cheesy casserole concoctions, but nobody spends the time these days to let a bunch of ingredients simmer in a pot for an hour or so to create a drool-inducing soup. The art of soup making these days has been replaced by Campbell's Chunky soup and assorted Progresso variations, leaving us with bland concoctions that have no love to give.

Viki and Joe, a married couple in Budapest and the developers of the app, decided that the world needed real soup and mixed their love of soup and apps into Hungarian Soups. According to the couple, Hungary is a soup consuming nation that starts any traditional three course meal with a hearty soup. Their "national" soup is the world famous goulash (of which there are around 6,000 varieties), but the country is also known for sour cherry soup and a wide variety of bean soups.

Their app doesn't quite cover every variety of all of their national soups, but it does contain 25 Hungarian soups that have all been tested in their home as meals. Each recipe comes with rich color pictures, detailed ingredient lists, and step by step instructions to streamline the process. Ingredient shoppers will also be happy to find a shopping list function included for added convenience.

With Hungarian Soups you can stop fearing the art of soup making and really dive into some rich Hungarian meals. Now you'll be able to put away that over-processed can of Campbell's and make some hearty beef goulash that you know your family will pour over.

All this goulash talk is making me hungry...