FrEEday Vol 56

Posted by Chris Nitz on September 2nd, 2011

Victors United:
Arm Chair Commanders can now play something when the significant other threatens to go outside and perhaps have a life. Victors United is a 24hr turn based strategy game in which players try to take over the world, Risk style. Connect to Facebook and challenge those "friends" that were added to help out with farming duties, or just trash talk the opponents. Either way, this is a globe spanning game and will require the best of tactics to rise to the top of the leaderboards!

Crimson: Steam Pirates:
What happens when Jordan Weisman (creator of MechWarrior, Crimson Skies, and Shadowrun) gets together with Bungie Aerospace over a few cold brews? Easy, they design a game for iOS just for the fun of it. Players will command a Steampunk inspired fleet in this turn-based strategy action game. There are dozens of ships, subs, and airships to command as players try to lay waste to the evil pirate, Thomas Blood. Elegant, fun, and challenging are served up right here.

Super Drill Panic:
Super Drill Panic is bringing retro arcade fun to iOS. The game features various levels in which the player must grab as many coins and items as possible, all while running away from a boulder that wants to paint the walls red with the life blood of the main character. Of course a boulder is far too easy to escape from, but lasers, razors, and falling blocks add to the challenge. The game may start easy, but it will soon test the patience of all good gamers.

Star Legends (3D MMO):
Read that title one more time and let it sink in! That's right, an MMO right on iOS, and even better - it's set to a SciFi theme. Star Legends will take players on a journey through hijacked space ships, alien infested asteroids, and mysterious science labs in need of exploring. All this while leveling and playing with other people from all over the globe, even on a 3G connection. Best of all, all players connect to the same game world, so there is no need to make multiple characters to play with all those new friends. Why can't PC MMOs get this right?

Bounce the Bunny:
Take one crazy rabbit, add in some magical bouncy bubbles, and let the insane fun begin. Just give the bunny a kick to get him going, and help him bounce his way to the end of the level, ever mindful to not let him fall into the deadly waters. With over 60 levels, unlockable upgrades, unique and colorful worlds, and so much more, what more could a gamer on the go want? Sometimes, simple addictions are all anyone needs to get through the long, agonizing workday.