Vibop 2.0: The New Instagram for iPhone Videos?

Posted by Lisa Caplan on March 8th, 2012

NewBlue Inc. a video technology company, re-launched an app that, if it works as well as it shows in the demo video, will allow users to get some amazing looking video editing results with no special skills. Vibop 2.0, a complete reimagining of the now defunct first version, hopes to do for for iPhone videographers what Instagram has for iOS photographers. That is, make adding really neat effects effortless and incorporate social network sharing to the utmost.

Using existing footage or that shot for a Vibop project on the fly, users can add professional-grade sounds, intros and mix and match any of the nine included themes: Silent Film, Super 8, Comic Book, Love Note, Tech Talk, Beatz, Postcard, and one theme that makes the app a potential standout, the custom Twitter theme. This feature uses a company's (or person’s) personalized Twitter profile to create a unique branded video. Additional effects will be available for in-app purchase.

Once the project is completed the social networking component kicks in with integrated one-tap posting to YouTube of course, along with Facebook and Twitter. The templates and examples suggest the app is not intended for making full-length movies, but rather sending video postcards with some Hollywood flair. A direct-to-YouTube desktop version of Vibop is also available.

In their press release announcing the new app, NewBlue co-founder, Todor Fay explains “anyone can capture and share video – but the magic is what happens in between. The Vibop 2.0 app allows people to showcase their creativity and make a statement, democratizing mobile video with fun and easy-to-use tools.” We can’t wait to give this a test-drive but if you get to it first, be sure to tell us what you think in the comments.