Vertex Blaster Supports Remote Control Options via Joypad and iControlPad

Posted by Carter Dotson on September 19th, 2011

Vertex Blaster is a twin-stick shooter with vector-inspired graphics that takes place on a 3D spherical planet. While many twin-stick shooters have involved elements like these, few games have had the kind of remote device control options that this game does.

The game supports two primary methods of remote control. First, it supports the Joypad app for connecting using an iPhone or iPod touch to control a version of the game running on the iPad. By going into the options and clicking to connect Joypad when the app is running on the device of choice, the Joypad layout changes to a dual-stick layout with buttons for deploying decoys and bombs.

Second, it supports the iControlPad and its dual analog sticks for real twin-stick shooter action on iOS. This is the first known game to support the iControlPad's "Special Packet Mode" for allowing the dual joysticks to work over Bluetooth. The official forums note that A+X+Start must be held down in order for this mode to start up. Support for this device means that iPhones and iPod touches have a game that can be played with remote controls, instead of being used as a remote control. As an aside, the iControlPad now supports iCade games starting with its 2.0 firmware update.

Vertex Blaster itself features three modes: a standard high scoring Arcade mode where the player has three lives, but two other modes that mix things up a bit. The Survival mode has players aiming to just try and survive as long as possible, with no particular points goal. Meteor Shower mode has players trying to defend three towers from enemies and large falling meteors, and there is a repair gun available to repair the damage done to the towers, though using the repair gun on meteors will make them bigger!

Vertex Blaster should be particularly appealing to those looking to test out Joypad and their iControlPads, and is a universal app to boot. The game does feature customizable virtual controls for when remote play is not an option, of course. The game also features the obligatory Game Center support for leaderboards and achievements, and is available for $0.99.