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Favorite 4: US Elections 2012 Apps

In less than a week, the USA goes to the polls for the 57th time with the two main contenders for President being Democratic candidate and current President, Barack Obama, and Republican candidate, Mitt Romney. While there’s no telling what might come about on Tuesday November 6, there are some great apps out there to help voters remain informed as to any latest developments and see just how each candidate feels about certain subjects. We round up the four best ones currently out there.

PollTracker keeps users informed in real time while offering a stats heavy interface of new polls and figures that have come out about the election race. Tracking everything from voter subgroups to swing state opinions, PollTracker is a statistician’s idea of heaven. There’s analysis, too, courtesy of the app’s editors, plus the ability to see how contests for Congress are going.

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Released: 2012-07-20 :: Category: News

Politifact Mobile
Ever lose track of where a candidate stands on a certain issue? There’s a lot to take in, after all, especially when considering how many different campaign promises are made by the candidates. Politifact Mobile promises to offer no agenda and merely a look at exactly what items have been promised by which candidate. A report card style interface tracks the Truth-O-Meter record of each politician to ensure that if anyone backtracks on an issue, it’s noticed. It makes for fascinating reading.

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Released: 2011-06-24 :: Category: News

2012 Map: The Presidential Election App
Tracking how each state is voting is extremely important to determining who is set to be the overall winner in the Presidential elections. 2012 Map: The Presidential Election App embraces that concept by providing a “Live” map that provides daily updates on the best estimates of what will happen come election day. Offering historical data from 1789 to 2009, it’s possible to see just how each state has voted in the past to get a sense of what’s expected this time round. It’s also possible to create personalized scenarios to see exactly how one swing state could change everything, causing some great conjecture.

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Released: 2012-08-06 :: Category: News

NBC Politics
Many of the major media outlets and networks have released their own official app devoted to the election but NBC Politics provides the best all rounder. Its app is entirely free with no subscription required, and it offers the latest news and videos about how the election is proceeding. For those short on time, its daily “Tip Sheet” is a particular highlight offering a round-up of the day’s most interesting moments and headlines.

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Released: 2012-05-02 :: Category: News

Planning a vacation or day trip and want to learn some great historical facts along the way? Give HISTORY Here a try.

The app comes courtesy of the History Channel and offers an interactive guide to thousands of historic locations across the USA. Users have the option to choose any location they wish, or they can let the GPS functionality do its magic and give places of local interest.

It’s possible to search for various historic points of interest for inspiration, as well as view everything as part of a zoomable map. Features like this should prove ideal when planning ahead.

Images for each place are included, along with an overview of the venue and any relevant details such as contact phone numbers. Even if you think you know an area well, you’re bound to be surprised by something from this app.

HISTORY Here is out now and free to download.

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Released: 2011-11-01 :: Category: Travel

This Week at 148 Apps, November 21-25

This week at was all about the US celebration of Thanksgiving, and the inevitable retail aftermath known as Black Friday. Rather than fight the crowds, 148Apps founder Jeff Scott put together a comprehensive Black Friday app sale list that continues to grow, and grow and grow. Scott says, “App sales are nothing new, but the biggest of the year is here, and we’ll be tracking the best of the sale apps right here. Expect lots of updates over the weekend.”

Take a look at the full list on 148Apps.

Jeff Scott also invited faithful readers to attend the upcoming AppNation III conference, saying, “Want to attend AppNation III? 148Apps network readers can get a 30% discount on the registration fee by using code 148APPS on the registration page.”

Read more about the conference on

Meanwhile, at AndroidRundown, site editor Rob LeFebvre celebrated the release of Disney interactive’s Where’s My Water? for the Android platform. LeFebvre writes, “Android has been part of the plan since the development of Where’s My Water? for the iPhone crowd. In fact, the game was originally developed with C++, to make it easier to port to Android. The challenge, he said, is making sure the game is the same high quality experience across the myriad devices represented by Google’s hip operating system.”

Read the full story on AndroidRundown.

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Released: 2011-09-22 :: Category: Games

Finally, on our parent-friendly GiggleApps site, Amy Solomon reviewed Don’t Let The Pigeon Run This App! Solomon writes, “I love these books. Pigeon can be cheeky, and my son has used pigeons’s one-liners, such as offering to “Give you five bucks” himself to try to stay up late. For this reason, some parents may feel that this pigeon is a bad influence on children, but I love the idea of my son practicing his ability to say “no” to this scheming pigeon as I want him to be prepared to stand his ground later in life when he is confronted by peer pressure, and I want him to recognize when he is being manipulated.”

Read the full review on GiggleApps.

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Released: 2011-10-27 :: Category: Books

And that’s a wrap for this Thanksgiving week! But don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and “Like” us on Facebook to get the latest news, reviews and contests. See you next time!

If there is one thing that people in the United States know how to do, it is shop.  Whether your preferred method be via retail store locations, online, or even by mail, we Americans know how to do it, and do it well.  This is why it should come as no surprise that with the recent explosion of smart phones and pieces of hardware like the iPad, that mobile platforms are now accounting for ten percent of all purchases within the country.  But what if we had the ability to combine the best of mail based retail and mobile together into a single app, that could handle everything at once?  With this specifically in mind, the new iPad software Catalog Spree was born.

What the app attempts to do is make use of the iPad’s widescreen form factor to emulate the appearance of the same catalogs that would appear in your mailbox.  Futher more, from within each retail magazine, users would have the ability to zoom in and view specific items in more detail, share them with friends via Facebook, or even purchase it using the built in browser.  This truly aims to be the one stop solution for everything shopping related.  Don’t take my word for it though, check out their trailer for the new tool below:

Most importantly, you should really consider how much paper could be saved by viewing your favorite catalogs of choice in this app.  So not only is it saving you time, but also the environment as well.  That is a win-win scenario if I have ever heard one.  Be sure to give this free tool a download and do your part to re-stimulate this American economy.  Every little bit helps, and when it is this easy, you would be crazy not to!

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Released: 2011-04-19 :: Category:

UpNext 3D Cities Review

UpNext 3D Cities Review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
A free travel app sounds great. Too bad it currently only features five cities.

Read The Full Review »

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