Unstoppable Robots: Fortunately, They Can Be Stopped

Posted by Jennifer Allen on October 12th, 2011

Unstoppable Robots. Do I need to say any more than that? Robots fighting. Has to be worth a look, surely? Still here? OK, I'll explain why Unstoppable Robots is worthy of everyone's time.

As the screenshots ably demonstrate, the robots in the title look a little colorful and crazy. The reason behind this is because they've been compromised by a virus called 'Dummy Algorythm.' Players must stop these corrupted and defective robots as soon as possible. Fortunately there are plenty of ways to do this across the 25 different locations and numerous boss fights.

16 different weapons keep the action fresh as players battle against the 30 different types of enemies. To an extent, it's like a Tower Defense title except instead of sitting back and watching the robots be destroyed, players can take an active role by inflicting the damage themselves.

Unstoppable Robots is a free app for iPad users with some in-app purchases to add to the game or remove the adverts if the player so wishes. At that non-existent price, it has to be worth a play!