iCasual: Undead Attack! Pinball HD Audio Review

Posted by Michelle Lopez on January 19th, 2011
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Hello everyone this is Michelle from The Portable Gamer with your iCasual report for Undead Attack! Pinball HD from MobJoy Software for all devices running current iOS software. So I guess you can deduce from the title that this is a pinball game, but with an interesting twist. There are 2 modes in the game to master. Both played mostly like a regular pin ball game. You shoot your ball and use the flippers to stop it from falling through your gate. You also want to aim at areas that will earn you bonuses like all the undead things walking around the board.

In campaign mode the longer you survive the more you'll earn and the more levels you'll unlock. Use these earnings to buy upgrades to help you in the higher levels. Also in your arsenal are shakes that would normally cause you to lose a turn but here you'll get extra balls to help with the larger waves and the big boss. In quick play mode you just survive as long as you can earning a higher and higher score to brag about.

For 2.99 this game has high quality 3d graphics with 3 different tables to unlock and play. The use of the accelerometer really adds a retro feel of a real machine. The upgrades and unlockable secrets kept me coming back to play. I love that they have mashed together Pinball and tower defense.....with zombies. It's a great pick up and play game for anyone who loves pinball. My only grip is that the iPhone version is the same price for what looks like the same game with just smaller graphics. I downloaded the free lite version on my iPod touch and it was very playable. The shake and tilt moves were even a little easier on the smaller device. I really wish there was only one version to buy but if you have both an iPhone and an iPad and you don't want to pay twice you may want to just get the iPhone version so you can play on both devices. Which ever version you decide to get will give you hours of challenging fun.