First Look: Tweetie 2.1. Brings Twitter List Support, Among Other Trippy Stuff.

Posted by Arron Hirst on November 27th, 2009
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There aren't many people who don't love Tweetie for iPhone. In mid-October of this year we saw Loren introduce to us his completely re-vamped version. Hyped to high heaven, Tweetie 2 saw a more simplistic UI, a new (coined revolutionary) way to refresh your timeline, better account management, a new tweet composing experience, custom URL endpoints, the ability to save tweets as drafts for later publishing and more. It was seen as a great step up to the original Tweetie.

But with recent changes to Twitter's API, new service introductions, and with Tweetie 2 not having any support for these out of the box, it was clear it was in for an update, very soon. Cue, 2.1. If you happen to follow me on Twitter, you'll probably (almost definitely) know that I've been closely involved in the beta-testing of Tweetie 2.1, and I have to say it's an update well worth attention. Most notably, this version brings support for Twitter's new 'Lists' feature.

If you're not already aware, Twitter Lists are the new universal way to categorize your followers, and for them to categorize you. It's as simple as selecting which 'list' you want that person to appear on. Other people following you then have the option to follow that specific list, meaning if you make a list called 'Favorites,' and add all your favorite Tweeters, anyone who follows that list will essentially see the best content from your followers. The Twitter list feature has become so popular in the short space of time it has been live, that people are now starting to judge 'influence level' on how well you are listed, and in what categories.

In Tweetie 2.1, lists are pretty much the same as they are on, but it's how they've been implemented which makes the experience a whole lot more user-friendly. Tapping the 'More' tab in 2.1, you'll now see all the 'Lists' you belong to, or have been added to, including the one's you're not even following. Choosing a list will throw you into a specialized, scrollable time line which only consist of the members of that list. Want to see the stats of a list? In the bottom left you'll see an 'i' info button. Tap it, and the current list being viewed will flip over to reveal the owner of that particular list (and tapping on him or her will take you to their profile page), alongside the list's following and follower counts.