Ian Marsh Launches 'App Classics'

Posted by Arron Hirst on October 6th, 2009
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Today I got the heads up on a new app-centric site which Nimblebit's Ian Marsh has debuted. It's called App Classics, and it's been dubbed "The iTunes App Store's Missing Hall of Fame". As I understand it, it's set to become the collection of App Store cream of the crop.

The site itself is set out in a suave 'book-case' fashion, similar to the interface of Classics for iPhone. Using App Classics you can search any of the App Store's 20 individual app categories, returning the most popular applications for each of those categories based on sales and user ratings. Ian explained that each app is then given an award of either a gold, silver, or bronze medal depending on how established of a "classic" they are calculated to be by the site.

In Ian's words:

"App Classics searches the App Store to calculate the all-time most popular high quality apps available on iTunes for iPhone and iPod Touch. Behind the scenes, iTunes rating information is crunched, sifted, and percolated in a secret formula to find and grade the truly classic apps."

Clicking an individual app icon from the front page provides a short insight into what each app looks like by providing a few screenshots, as well as displaying extracts of recent reviews, a short write up of the app's purpose, a video review and (of course) that all important ranking. Throughout the site you can also share each of your findings with the world, either via Facebook or Twitter.

An interesting project I'm sure you'll agree. One I'm sure I'll be using and following. You can follow Ian (@Eeen) or App Classics on Twitter at @AppClassics for the latest.