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FrEEday Vol 54

Tap Tap Glee

Say what you will about the the television show Glee, but there is just something infectious about their bubble-gum pop renditions of popular songs.  This is why it only seemed like an inevitability that they would end up with their own dedicated music game on the iOS.  The game itself features three base songs for free, with another fifty available for download.  Don’t worry though, because there will be a new free track available for download every single day, so if you are patient you can eventually play every track for free.  Tap on, gleeks!


Toss The Ball

Who doesn’t love a good carnival game?  Other than folks disappointed that they are not tall enough to ride the Tilt-a-Hurl, there is pretty much something fun for everyone.  Toss The Ball takes inspiration from these style of game, and designed something all their own.  All players need to do is successfully throw a ball into a hole.  Sounds simple enough right?  Try adding in a multitude of different power-ups and obstructions into the mix as well.  This is the kind of mayhem that midways are made of.


Touch Detectives

I always had the dream of being that brooding guy in the trechcoat, quietly smoking a cigarette, while smooth saxophone backings rolled in and I talked about my most recent PI case.  Those looking to relive those memories can check out the first two chapters of the new game Touch Detectives.  Can you crack the case?  Give it a download and find out for yourself.


Avalon Wars

Science Fiction is one genre of games that really reaches out to me.  I mean, where would space marines be without it?  These days most sci-fi games are shooters, so it was a nice change of pace when Avalon Wars was released, bringing its own unique brand of role playing game to the platform.  Featuring an interface and game mechanics that can supposedly be learned in only three minutes, this should be well worth a few minutes of your time.


Velocispider Zero

Shooters have been a permanent fixture in arcades since their introduction decades ago.  Luckily this trend has continued on the iOS, with a plethora of outstanding titles releasing over the last couple of years.  The next in this line looks to be the 8-bit inspired Velocispider Zero.  Launching at the awesomely low price point of nothing, this retro throwback looks to be just what the doctored ordered for someone looking to burn an hour or two.


Namco Bandai has dished out some intriguing and free delights to the app store.

First up is the rather charming Toss the Ball. Remember all those happy times at the carnival or fair desperately trying to toss the ball into the highest scoring holes? This is exactly that but without the fixed nature that the funfair games always seemed to offer. The free game offers four different game modes in the form of Rolling Race, Ball of Time, Chill Mode and a Multiplayer mode too. Five game boards can also be played on including the Speedy Board and Lover Board amongst others. Different balls can also be used such as the Treasure Ball and Ninja Ball plus there’s a whole bunch of power-ups and bonuses that can be used to increase scores.

Toss the Ball is free to play with extra content available for a small fee of $0.99 via an in-app purchase but there’s plenty to do here anyway. The title also promises daily bonuses too as well as up to six player multiplayer locally or up to 4 players via GameCenter.


Also today marks the release of Pac’N Twit, a Pac-Man themed Twitter client. Pac’N Twit promises to perform all the basic Twitter functions like viewing timelines, replying, viewing direct messages and editing lists. Search functions also exist happily here along with a push notification system and full compatibility with multiple accounts. For the Galaga fan, there are also two skins based around the classic retro game as well as Pac-Man. Plus there’s a form of puzzle game bundled in too in order of winning iPhone wallpaper.

For the Twitter user looking for something a bit more memorable than standard Twitter apps, this is a great way of interacting with others. Pac’N Twit is a free app for iPhone 3GS and above devices.



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