SXSW Artists Finds The Groups You Want to See at SXSW

Posted by Bonnie Eisenman on March 20th, 2011

Going to SXSW this weekend but don't want to sort through the massive list of performers? It turns out that there's even an app for this specific niche. From the folks at Top Drawer Apps comes SXSW Artists. Top Drawer Apps is the developer behind My Artists, a gorgeous little iPod-replacement app, and now it looks like they're branching out with SXSW Artists.

The idea behind SXSW Artists is simple. A lot of groups are performing at the music festival in Austin, Texas, this week, but do you really want to dig through the entire listing to find out if your favorite artists will be there? This app tries to make that process a whole lot simpler, by scanning your iPod library and presenting you with groups it thinks that you'll be interested in seeing. Of course, artists whose music appears in your library will be suggested, but the app also suggests "related" artists or artists in genres that you like.

SXSW Artists is (surprise, surprise) powered by the same engine that My Artists uses; however, unlike the latter app, SXSW Artists is free. Take that with a grain of salt; the app description notes that SXSW Artists is not affiliated with the SXSW® Music and Media Conference, which is probably why it has to be free.

Regardless, this is a great idea and an excellent way to make browsing through the performance listings much easier. Tailoring results to your personal tastes is a rather nice touch, in my opinion. If this sounds useful to you, grab SXSW Artists in the App Store now for the low, low price of free.