Music Charts Galore From Top 100-Music

Posted by Jennifer Allen on August 19th, 2011
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Remember back in the day when people would tape the Top 40 music charts off the radio? Or is that just me and I've aged myself quite badly? Who knows. Either way, Top 100 Music is kind of like that but with a modern and more law abiding vibe to it.

The app includes the top charts for the U.S as well as 22 other countries, hopefully encompassing pretty much every area that anyone could possibly be interested in. Users can sample all the top songs in the U.S since 1997 at the touch of a button as well as all current hits in the top 100 for the other 22 countries. Once previewed, users also have the option to purchase them through iTunes for the revelant amount.

Some music and videos are even free from the app with a free icon highlighting which are available in this way. Users can then add reviews of these tracks as well as read comments from other listeners.

Fans of 1980s music will be particularly pleased that Simple Tree, developers of Top 100, also plan to add charts from the 1980s in a future update as well as other charts too.

For the frugal music fan, Top 100 could well be just what they're after to entertain them and satisfy their trivia needs. It's out now.