FrEEday Vol 58

Posted by Chris Nitz on September 16th, 2011

Paper Zombie:
That's right, more zombies, but this time they are papercraft zombies, so that makes them cool. Paper Zombie takes a bit of the shooter genre, blends it with some strategy, and kicks out a game of fast action that will require some planning in order to survive. Players will cut, shoot, and launch their way through waves of the undead, all in brilliant 3D glory. There is even the ability to jump onto Facebook, zombify all those "friends," and then pull them into the game. Break out those boomsticks, this is going to be a wild ride!

Plushed Gold Fever:
Players will take the role of a lone toy horse who is tasked with saving all the Plush Toys that have been scattered all over the Wild West thanks to the Voodoo Mouse. As players save the doomed toys, they will earn Plushed Coins, thus allowing them to unlock new shop items that will aid in their quest. There are three game modes and over 30 Plush Toys to save. This will surely keep players busy over their lunch break. The visuals are not half bad either!

Tilt Circus:
Those gamers who think they are the masters of tilt may finally have found their match in Tilt Circus. The game will challenge players to elude lasers, survive bombs, and avoid a great many traps. Only the fastest players will earn the right to be called Master of Tilt in this challenging game of skill.

Bird Smash:
The pigs finally get some well deserved revenge in Bird Smash. The birds have destroyed the blue pig's village and he is out to seek some vengeance by destroying as many birds as possible. Players will be flicking, shooting, and tilting their way to a bird-free world. As birds are obliterated, money is earned, thus allowing upgrades to more powerful weapons. It is going to take some quick wits to down challenging bosses and utilize the various weather elements as well. Who says birds have all the glory?!?!

Put on that straw hat and clean off the bib overalls, because it is time to head back to the fantasy farm. Only this time, it is not carrots and taters that will be harvested, but dragons! Players will create a park full of cute and friendly dragons by hatching, feeding and caring for them as they grow to adulthood. There are dozens of dragons to grow and train, and even friends can come in and help with all the chores that are necessary to keep things running smoothly. This just maybe the most beautiful setting to sit and lose hours of time to yet.