Quick And Easy Video Editing With Videolicious

Posted by Jennifer Allen on May 19th, 2011
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

It still amazes me a little that only a few years ago, things like video editing on a phone or any portable device seemed like very distant technology indeed. Nowadays it's common place of course. So common place that you can do it for free with apps like Videolicious.

Videolicious promises to be the fastest way possible of creating great looking videos automatically. It's a simple matter of choosing shots, either video or still image based, and a couple of taps of the screen. Before users know it, a video has been created of just what they want.

Users can do all sorts of things to ensure that the video is just how they want it. They can add theme music either from the selection provided by the app or from the user's iPod collection. A video commentary can be given via either the front facing camera or the rear camera. This allows users to further add a backstory to the film.

For those looking for some inspiration, Videolicious also comes with extensive video ideas and instructions of how to create some masterpieces. These inspirations cover everything possible from a thank you note to a trip documentary, birthday party videos and even a resume or blog entry. They make for great templates to quickly create a visual feast.

Videolicious then simplifies the sharing process by making it easy to share on Facebook or YouTube at the tap of a couple of buttons. Users can also submit their videos to the likes of Lucky Magazine, Martha Stewart Living, SELF Magazine and ReadyMade directly from within the app.

Conveniently, Videolicious is also very quick to use no matter what needs doing or where it's submitted, making it an ideal app to whip up something impressive in no time.

Videolicious is available now for the iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4th Generation and iPad 2.