Keep Track Of Decision Making With The Personal Decision Recorder

Posted by Jennifer Allen on July 29th, 2011

A few years ago, I read the book Yes Man. It's a concept that no doubt many have heard of - simply say yes to everything. EVERYTHING! It sounds simple, but it's not. Just think about all the opportunities that might arise. They're not all things that would be sensible to say yes to. Still, sometimes it's a good idea to bite the bullet and say yes to something unconventional.

The Personal Decision Recorder won't make anyone say yes to anything but it will allow them to keep track of what they said. It's an interesting idea as I know I certainly lose track of things. The app offers more, too, in the guise of a mood indicator and a way of keeping note of the origin of the question. It even works out percentages and graphs too which could be useful for the user who worries that they say yes or no too much.

It's out now priced at $1.99. Potentially that $2 could be a great way of reassessing a person's life!