FrEEday Vol 60

Posted by Chris Nitz on September 30th, 2011

Slam Dunk King:
There is now an alternative for when rain, sleet, or snow cancels time on the basketball courts, and that is Slam Dunk King. This game will challenge players to prove they are the master of the courts by performing insane trick drunks and smooth moves. Players will need to harness the unique mascot power-ups, chain together over a dozen tricks, and prove they are worthy of the title of king. There are three modes to play, several unlockables, and tons of action. Who's master of the court now, punk?

Boss Battles:
Boss Battles is a top-down shooter where players will take on missions to hunt down and destroy renegades of the galaxy. To do this, players will need to upgrade their ship with collected space gems while calling on the power of their skill and dexterity to destroy the horrific enemies. There are eight bosses, five difficulty levels, and plenty of upgrades to keep this game addicting and enjoyable for hours on end. One round is all it'll take to sink those addicting hooks into unsuspecting victims.

Remember playing the Telephone game from back in the day? Well, the hilarity of messing up messages and blaming someone else for screwing it up has made its way to iOS, but with a twist. Teledraw starts by giving a player a phrase, the next person must draw out that phrase, and the following player will try to describe the phrase. It is like Pictionary married Telephone, and this is the party game that spawned.

Fleets War:
Fleets War takes a dash or role-playing and sprinkles it with some strategy, and throws is all into a naval warfare cake. Players will be creating fleets of classic naval ships and heading to battle in this turn-based strategy game. As pirates, monsters, and evil forces are conquered, experience is earned and used for upgrading the fleet into a devastating naval force. With over 40 ship classes to pick from, and 50 unique quests, there will be a lot of time spent on the high seas.

Minecraft maybe months away from its iOS release, but that has not stopped fans from bringing the explore and create addiction to iOS. Mooncraft puts players on the moon where they will explore, build, and become hopelessly addicted. Harvest alien trees, build a shelter, decipher clues from enemy astronauts, and create exotic technological items. The landscape is endless, the gaming possibilities endless, and the addiction through the roof. Good luck putting this one down.