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New Doctor Who Game Announced

A certain British time-traveling hero is about to get a brand new iOS game, as Tag Games and the BBC have announced a brand-new Doctor Who game. Doctor Who: The Mazes of Time will be available on all iOS devices later this month, just in time for the holidays. Then again, given the good doctor’s propensity for jumping around through time the game may be out already and we don’t even know it. Quick! Look behind you!

Mazes of Time will feature the Doctor and faithful companion Amy Pond working together to “defeat infamous enemies, solve devious puzzles, and restore peace.” The announcement trailer shows the two characters working independently yet in concert to solve puzzles and navigate through enemy-infested terrain. It’s unclear how combat will work in the game, as all we’ve seen so far is the Doctor and Amy running away from baddies, not standing up and fighting them. One bit does show the Doctor luring a robot onto an electrified floor, so it seems the combat may well be environmental and trap-based. Sorry, I guess you won’t be disassembling any mechanical baddies with a sonic screwdriver.

The game is scheduled to land before Christmas so we should be seeing sometime within the next few weeks. While we’re excited to try out a new Doctor Who game we’re going to go with cautious optimism as recent digital editions of the franchise on other mediums haven’t been all that well-regarded. Still, a co-op puzzle solving game is an interesting genre to tackle and one which we’re not quite burnt out on yet. Thank heavens it’s not yet another physics-based puzzle game, we’ve all had enough of those to last us several lifetimes.

We’ll keep you posted on new info about the game as its release date nears, for now go get caught up on the latest season so you’ll be ready for the game.

[via BBC America]

B-Boy Beats

B-Boy Beats

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
B-Boy Beats is the most original music game that I have seen on the iPhone. It's not perfect, but its unique gameplay and clean feel make it definitely worthwhile.

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There was a time in my life where I thought that Everquest would be the largest online game ever. I was young and dumb, but most of all, I didn’t at all foresee the massive social explosion that became Facebook. All at once, 10 billion people, and all of their moms, joined at once in an effort to make the world smaller/stalk one another. A bizarre thing happened though. All of the people on Facebook, seemingly also all at once, became bored, but didn’t know what to do without their cyber life that quickly became their real life. To fill this void, Farmville was created, and everyone (including their mothers) joined in on the fun.

Now the iPhone, with its “there’s an app for that” swagger, has no app for “that”. There have been a few good attempts at a game like Farmville, but when Facebook is not involved, people quickly realized that it was not fun and stopped playing. The iPhone gamers need more action to subdue their ravaging ADD. They need pretty, they need funny… they need Astro Ranch.

“The game takes place in the far reaches of the galaxy as the player attempts to build a ranching empire from scratch having crash landed on a strange alien planet. The player may choose to play as either one of the Starlight twins, Sindy or Max as the action blends resource management (farming crops/raising livestock) with RPG elements (mini-quests) and action (fishing and panning for gold mini-games)”

I’m expecting large amounts of galactic 3D farming goodness. From the looks of things, if Farmville, Animal Crossing, and the Nintendo Wii had a child, it would be Astro Ranch. Expect the game to be out on the week of Feb. 21st for $2.99. As always, there is a trailer to watch… and this time there is a gameplay trailer after the break! Enjoy!

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Want to help us with some good old fashioned robbery?

Want to help us with some good old fashioned robbery?

Tag Games, announced today their Get In The Game contest for their upcoming iPhone release Car Jack Streets.

Car Jack Streets, created by two of the original Grand Theft Auto team members, is a game very similar in look to the original overhead view Grand Theft Auto. Though Car Jack Streets does seem to have a much more pleasing comic look to it. The game will be launched in March and to celebrate, the developers are having a contest to let one lucky person get their face (in caricature format) included in the game and have a mission created especially for them.

The contest is only open for a week, so hurry up and enter. Full details are below.

The winner of our competition will be caricatured in true Car Jack style and will also have the honour of having a mission created especially for them!

Want to be immortalized in video gaming history? Sure you do!

To be in with a chance of winning simply send us a picture of yourself hanging out next to your dream car to The winner will in the judges’ view combine the best combination of gangsta pose and hot wheels!

Images must be in JPG/GIF/PNG format and be no larger than 500k. The competition closes on Monday 16th February at 12 noon GMT. The judge’s decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into.


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