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Picture Yourself Winning With Where's My Water's New Photo Finish Update

Posted by Rob LeFebvre on January 31st, 2013
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Swampy just keeps getting better, as Disney's Where's My Water updates yet again with a new Photo Finish feature that lets you take a quick picture of your winningest levels and share them out on your social networks. Add that to the already amazing three story, 400 level, $0.99 game, and you've got a win. Take a picture!

Introducing a brand new feature – Photo Finish! Photo Finish records how YOU beat a Level of the Week, and then gives you an awesome picture of your work to share with your friends. Bonus challenge – can you beat the level and draw something fun? For the month of February, we have also added special Levels of the Week inspired by Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa! Check them out now!

Link: Swampy's Underground Adventures Episode One Shows Up On YouTube

Posted by Rob LeFebvre on October 18th, 2012
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Check out the first episode in Swampy's Underground Adventures, a web series based on Disney's hit mobile game, Where's My Water?

When Swampy mistakes a fire extinguisher for a rocket pack to show off for Allie - he becomes a foam-spewing rocket gator!

This Week at 148Apps - May 21-25

Posted by Chris Kirby on May 28th, 2012

This week at 148Apps.com, we celebrated the coming Memorial Day holiday with a closer look and an ever-growing list of apps on sale. Site editor Rob LeFebvre writes, "So, it’s that time of year again! BBQs, lawn chairs, beer, and the ability to finally wear shorts with sandals without fear of frostbite. Tan those legs and check out all the huge sales that are going on across the App Store below. We’ll try and keep it updated as we go this weekend, so be sure to let us know of any good sales on iOS apps..."

Read the full list at 148Apps.com.

At GiggleApps, writer Amy Solomon reviewed The First Million-Teach Your Child to Read. Solomon says, "The First Million is a lovely universal “mix and match” book application that adults and children will find interesting as well as intuitive as here, as the pages of this book are split into three sections – each being able to be flipped back and forth to create new and intriguing illustrations and word combinations. Unlike other “mix and match” books where one can look for the corresponding thirds of the same image to make a match, this app is completely open-ended with no right or wrong matches to be made, giving children free range to produce any and all combinations they may fancy."

Read Amy's full review on GiggleApps.com.

Finally, 148Apps.biz writer Kevin Stout reported on Disney's push into Angry Birds territory. Stout writes, "Intensely popular Disney game, Where’s My Water?, will be receiving its first line of merchandise based on the game. The physics-based puzzler by Disney has been popular on both iOS and Android. Fans of the popular game can now buy all kinds of merchandise featuring the story’s character, Swampy the Alligator."

Read more about Swampy's foray into stores at 148Apps.biz.

That's it for us - and we're one week closer to summer! Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get all of the latest updates all during the week. See you next time, Marvel Zombies!

Where's My Water? Throws Caution To The Wind With New Update

Posted by Jennifer Allen on March 9th, 2012
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It's been a pretty amazing week for hugely popular game Where's My Water?. It was the app responsible for Chunli Fu winning in the 25 billionth download on the App Store competition, thus propelling the game into the history books.

Where's My Water? is back in the news courtesy of a new update that gives fans 20 new and free levels of fun to play. The latest chapter, Caution to the Wind, encourages players to create airstreams via fans to move water and solve those pesky puzzles. This update brings the full level tally within Where's My Water? to an impressive 200.

Hopefully we've not seen the last of Swampy and there will be more levels to come. For now though, 20 levels should keep many a fan happily entertained for a while to come!

The update is available now. For those yet to give this addictive puzzle game a shot, this is the ideal time to help Swampy.

Get In The Valentine's Day Mood With The New Where's My Water? Update

Posted by Jennifer Allen on February 14th, 2012
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It's the season of love at the moment and Where's My Water? has embraced that idea with a new Valentine's Day themed update.

Since its initial launch in September last year, highly enjoyable physics-puzzler Where's My Water? has done a fantastic job of not only providing regular updates to its fans but also educating them along the way.

It's a more lighthearted update this time round, though. Swampy's present to his fans is the update 'Hearts and Crafts' which allows players to unlock a new level every day for the next 10 days starting February 14th.

Take a look at the screenshots below. Things are looking pretty darn cute this Valentine's Day with plenty of heart-themed levels ahead.

The Where's My Water? Valentine's Day update is available now for existing owners of the app. Anyone else who hasn't tried the game out yet (and why not?) can pick it up for $0.99.

Disney and Conservation International Team Up To Use Where's My Water For Fresh Water Education Campaign

Posted by Greg Dawson on January 20th, 2012
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Conservation International (CI) and Disney are using the free version of Where's My Water? in an awareness campaign to education people on the value of fresh water. Disney Friends for Change and the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund are making a $50,000 donation for the "Every Duck Counts" campaign. Now through the end of February, anyone playing the free online or mobile versions of the physics-based puzzle game featuring Swampy the Alligator will learn about fresh water facts, water saving action items, and species that depend on fresh water in CI's project areas. They will also be encouraged to collect as many ducks as possible within the game to to raise awareness for the accessibility of clean water and its importance on a global scale. The tally of the number of ducks collected so far can be found on Disney Mobile's Facebook page.

The donation is specifically for supporting freshwater ecosystems that support more than 126,000 species as well as more than 500 million people. This isn't the first time Disney has been involved in such a program. In 2009, they teamed up to fund two forest projects in Peru and the Democratic Republic of Congo as well as supported CI freshwater projects in South Africa and Cambodia. More information about the programs can be found here.