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How to win in 2v2 mode in Clash Royale for mobile

Posted by Ray Willmott on March 7th, 2018

2v2 is nothing new for Clash Royale. It’s been out since last summer and by now everyone has their own different strategies and favoured decks. You’re not going to win every game - try as you might - but with our helpful tips and guides, you will succeed more than you fail. Here’s how to be the best tag-team tower defense tandem in the history of the multiverse. Or close to it.

5 things we learned from Supercell's 'Brawl Stars' AMA

Posted by Jessica Famularo on July 6th, 2017

Supercell’s latest game, Brawl Stars, recently soft launched in Canada, giving fans a first look at the upcoming mobile shooter. Now we’re getting a behind-the-scenes perspective from the developers themselves, as Supercell’s just wrapped up a hugely popular Reddit AMA. Here are the five most exciting things we learned.

Supercell celebrates Hay Day's community with a touching video

Posted by Jessica Famularo on June 28th, 2017
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Before there was Clash Royale or Clash of Clans, there was Hay Day. Now, Supercell's first game is celebrating its fifth anniversary, and the developer is commemorating the event with this touching new video. Supercell picked one long-running Hay Day neighborhood, and sent them to a real-life farm for a meetup.

Supercell's 'Brawl Stars' soft launches in Canada

Posted by Jessica Famularo on June 15th, 2017

We got our first look at Brawl Stars yesterday, and now it seems folks in Canada can try it for themselves, as the game's gone into a region-exclusive soft launch on iOS. While the game's not in a finished state, players in Canada can get an early taste for what's to come. There's still no word on when Brawl Stars will launch worldwide, but you can expect to wait a few months at the least.

Supercell unveils new game 'Brawl Stars'

Posted by Jessica Famularo on June 14th, 2017

Clash of Clans developer Supercell announced their next big game today -- Brawl Stars. It's a 3-vs-3 top-down shooter in that iconic, cartoony Supercell style. The company debuted gameplay footage via a live competition (above) today that also explained some of& Brawl Stars' finer details.

Clash of Clans' gets a huge new update

Posted by Jessica Famularo on May 23rd, 2017
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Clash of Clans just got a massive new update, and that's not hyperbole. The update easily tacks on a whole new game's worth of content to the hit base building game. In the update, that mysterious boat on the edge of the map has been repaired and it's now ready to whisk players who've achieved Town Hall 4 away to the Builder Base. On this far and distant shore players will find new buildings, characters, abilities, a new battle mode and much more. There's a lot to sink your teeth into here.

Clash Royale Unveils Crown Championship

Posted by Jessica Famularo on May 3rd, 2017
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Supercell announced the first Clash Royale Crown Championship today, heralding the first competition for the hugely popular collectible card game. The festivities begin on May 11 and will span the entire year, bringing together the best players worldwide.

The first spring tournament players from North America, Europe, China, Japan, Korea, and Latin America, but the fall season will welcome players from the rest of the world after that. $1 million USD in prizes is up for grabs, and competition will be fierce. Read on to find out how you can join in.

Supercell is adding a 2 vs. 2 mode to Clash Royale

Posted by Jessica Famularo on March 10th, 2017
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If you thought you were over your Clash Royale addiction, think again. Supercell is adding a 2 vs. 2 mode to the game according to the latest episode of their Radio Royale podcast, and, well, it sounds like it could get pretty crazy. The mode's titled Clan Battle, and allows players to invite another friend to join them in fierce competition against another duo, coordinating attacks in beautiful syncronisity.

Each player has their own elixir bar that refills 15% slower than in normal battles, and while elixir regen cards only affect the player who uses it, other buffs will benefit both teammates. Each team has two king towers, but they'll be sharing a health bar. On top of all of that, they will still have to find strategies to counter the onslaught of units controlled by two enemy players. It seems Clan Battle mode is about embracing the chaos as you're swarmed by twice the number of units.

It sounds like a hectic, good time to be sure. If you want all of the details, you can listen to the podcast in full on the official Clash Royale website.

Have you already started prepping your own Clan Battle strategies? Share your ideas in the comments below.

Clash Royale let's you try Battle Ram early

Posted by Jessica Famularo on February 3rd, 2017

Thank goodness it’s the weekend, because you’re going to need the free time to dedicate to Clash Royale. They’re trying something new with the Battle Ram Challenge, giving players the chance to unlock the new card early. Here’s how it works.

Clash Royale update: What you need to know about tournaments

Posted by Nick Tylwalk on July 5th, 2016
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While all of our American readers were celebrating their independence earlier this week -- ironically from the country that 148apps' parent company calls home -- Supercell got to work dropping a fresh new Clash Royale update on everyone.

In similar fashion to previous updates, this one included both new cards and balance changes made to various existing cards. There's even a brand new arena: Frozen Peak, which unlocks once you've reached 2300 trophies.

The 148Apps Podcast episode three: New games and dog news

Posted by Glen Fox on March 29th, 2016
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The148Appspodcast is back with an incredibly late Easter special in which we once again talk utter rubbish aboutClash Royale.

There's also a new feature where we recommend a few brand new games and provide news on the world of dogs.

Yes, that last one was one of Alex's ideas.

Anyway - enjoy!

How to counter the Baby Dragon in Clash Royale

Posted by Campbell Bird on March 28th, 2016

The Baby Dragon does decent splash and point damage, has a good amount of health, and is an airborne unit. This makes him an incredibly useful asset for most builds.

Countering it isn't easy though. While Archers and Spear Goblins are pretty good at dealing with most air units, the splash damage from its fireballs make short work of them if you just drop them down.

How to win at Clash Royale

Posted by Alex Rennie on March 22nd, 2016

So, you’ve got Clash Royale. You find yourself playing it while on the toilet, walking the dog, watching TV, even over the dinner table. But you’re not amazing at it yet, and you just have to win that next battle before you go to sleep.

Fear not! For I have taken the time to play this game intensely (for seven whole days) and will share my wisdom. Wisdom that has been gained by various means: Losing a lot of games in a row (and throwing my phone across the room many times), reading other Clash Royale guides, refreshing the Reddit page every 10 minutes, and experimenting with my deck and tactics.

In the interest of fairness, I will disclose that I spent £7.99 on a pack of gems after the first hour of play. Don’t all get angry though - I have a paying job and can afford such luxuries. Plus I wanted to thrash all the weaker players who basically can’t afford such largesse.

It worked - I rapidly moved onto Arena 3, taking many a three crown win with me. However, the fun stopped there. I came across players who actually had tactics, good cards, and more importantly, trolled me excellently when they were winning. The number of ‘crying face emojis’ I had sent to me as a Giant is about to smash my King Tower… well you can probably understand my frustration.

So I researched for my own selfish reasons - I want to be the best in my clan. But, because I’m a nice guy, I’m sharing my findings with you.

I’ll preface - I’m at Arena 5, so don’t be thinking you can rock in here as an Arena 7 player and think this stuff is useful - it’s almost certainly terrible advice for very good players and you can take it with a pinch of salt. For the 99%, it’s invaluable and you will be praising the ground I walk on after reading these delightful tips.

How to stop being a loser at Clash Royale

Posted by Alex Rennie on March 22nd, 2016

So, I can’t help you with general life tips I’m afraid - you’re on your own there. I can stop you looking like a total fool though when you’re playing Clash Royale against yet another opponent with random characters as a screenname - but you have to follow this advice very carefully.

Look at the watch, watch it swing, follow the movement, 3, 2, 1... you’re under my spell.

How to prepare yourself for victory in Clash Royale

Posted by Alex Rennie on March 22nd, 2016

Now we’re getting somewhere. Hopefully you’ve read my other guides where I explain how not to be a loser. If you haven’t, then you’re already a loser and you might as well go right to the bottom of this article and click on the links. Like, right now. Otherwise, feel free to read on...