Backflip Studios Embraces iAds, Free Games

Posted by Chris Hall on July 8th, 2010

It seems that nobody ever realizes when they are in the midst of a summer of... anything. The Beatles kicked off the "Summer of Love" in '67, and I'm sure that there were some that had no idea. Bryan Adams probably didn't even think about the "Summer of '69" until years later. Same with the "Summer of Sam". I mean, who saw that one coming?

Well today I want to let you know, on this mid-summer day, that it is the "Summer of Free". No, don't go to the Apple Store now expecting a free iPhone (although if you do, please record your experience, I'd love to see it), just go download one of the many free games that Backflip Studios has released this summer. Titles include the "probably already owned by you" Paper Toss (22 mil downloads and counting) and Strike Knight (3 mil in less than a month).

The newest free title is called Graffiti Ball. It looks to be a fairly exciting physics game, especially if you can draw, but what makes it special is that it marks the first time that Backflip Studios has used iAds. Look, just because the game is free doesn't mean that they can't make money... and hey, if it's not your money, then what's the harm? Check out the demo video of Graffiti Ball below. Enjoy!