Fashion-Based Free To Play Gaming From Style Me Girl

Posted by Jennifer Allen on June 25th, 2012
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Gender specific games make me a little wary, mostly due to having spent a childhood dodging all things pink and doll-like. I'll grudgingly admit I'm part of a minority there though and plenty of my female friends and relatives adore more stereotypical fare when it comes to gaming and hobbies.

This is where new fashion game Style Me Girl should appeal. The first 3D fashion game of its kind, players live the life of an aspiring stylist as they create stunning new looks and arrange photoshoots with models. Players work their way up from an internship to being one of the best stylists in New York City.

30 different fashion genres are available from gothic to glam styles so amateur fashionistas of either gender should enjoy the variety.

Style Me Girl is a free to play game, backed up with in-app purchases, so why not give it a try? It's out now.