Social Travelling With SpotWorld

Posted by Jennifer Allen on June 1st, 2011
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Who knows the most about an area? Tourist spot or otherwise? No, it's not the travel guide writer. It's actually the local person. Local knowledge is worth countless travel books and it's nowhere near as easy to get hold of as people would like. Fortunately there's an app out there that could well bridge the gap. It's called SpotWorld and it's a free app that combines social networking functionality and the humble travel guide.

Users simply choose from a variety of destinations or tap on Spots Near Me and there's frequently a wealth of relevant information within easy grasp. All manners of different bits and pieces pop up. For instance, where I live, the nearby bus station was listed but also numerous castles near to me. Each entry coming up with a photo, a brief overview and the ability to add further information.

In bigger cities than mine, this app really comes into its own. Users can easily see interesting sights near them that might not neccessarily feature in travel guides. Plus there's always personal experiences to consult such as a quick note about the standard of food in a nearby eatery or specific exhibits that are unmissable in the local museum.

The beauty is that everything is so welcoming to new users. They can simply rate the places they've visited or add their own tip. Even new photos can be added if the user wishes to do so.

When exploring a large area, there's also the ability to create itineraries which can then be shared with the rest of the community, creating a great tour guide feature.

SpotWorld is a free app but there is some premium content available such as sets of hundreds of articles and audio readings from the locals of San Francisco and New York City. Hopefully more will be forthcoming for other major cities.

The app is out now for all iOS devices.