SpaceSampler: Making It Easy To Add Audio Effects

Posted by Jennifer Allen on February 15th, 2012
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Doing for audio what many photo filter apps do for imagery, SpaceSampler is an audio convolution app that will intrigue both audiophiles and novices.

The app lets users record audio then apply many different filtersfrom real acoustic spaces, in order to add an original twist to things.

Numerous filters are available including a retro tape echo, 60s plate reverb noise, a warm room style sound, an emulation of an AM radio, and a stadium style delay. It's a varied bunch comprising of 15 different effects, each offering a great way of mixing up an audio clip.

A recording browser makes it easy to manage numerous audio files while the integrated sampler makes it similarly simple to add the effects. Once created, it's easy to share a file, either via e-mail, Dropbox or SoundCloud.

Even for an audio newbie such as myself, it's exceptionally easy to create some great results with SpaceSampler.

Priced at a mere $0.99, SpaceSampler is out now.