FrEEday Vol 37

Posted by Chris Nitz on March 11th, 2011

Space Dwellers:
Space Dwellers takes the real-time strategy game into space. Players will need to amass a killer fleet of warships, research new technologies, and lay waste to thousands of other players. Join up with friends and work together to rule the universe. Strategy games are always more fun when enjoyed by players from around the world.

Animal Festival:
Animal Festival challenges players with match three style gameplay. There are two modes of play to keep gamers coming back for more. Players can work through 50 stages of puzzle goodness, or they can take on survival mode and shoot for posting the highest score to the leaderboards. All of this comes with fun visuals and familiar game mechanics.

Red Bull Augmented Racing:
Die hard Red Bull addicts can finally do something fun with all their empty cans: build a racetrack. This game allows players to construct a in-game race tracks from Red Bull cans. Players scan in the designed track with the iPhone camera, and the app will build a track around this design. There is even an option to browse thousands of other track creations from other players. This brings on a whole new meaning to never racing the same track twice.

Take a step back in gaming time with Freeway. Players will choose from one of three different traffic patterns. Once the traffic is selected, it is up to gamers to try and get a chicken with a death wish across the freeway. It will take quick reflexes to get across this busy traffic. Just because this is an 8-bit game does not mean it is nearly as easy at it seems.

DJ Rivals:
People looking for some turntable battling action have a new way to scratch some vinyl. DJ Rivals allows players to battle in real locations in their neighborhood. Players can even win in-game cash for besting other local players in musical battle. There are nine bosses, 50 moves, and 10 hit songs to keep gamers coming back for more musical goodness. Please be kind too your fellow patrons and rock out with headphones though.