According to Stuart Dredge over at The Guardian, buzz-worthy app Song Pop now has 1.9 daily active users (DAUs) across its iOS, Android, and Facebook platforms, with an extra 400,000 users added in the last week alone. He contrasts this with Zynga’s Draw Something DAU numbers, at 4.4 million DAUs with a loss of 400,000 in the past week.

Song Pop is currently a free download in the App Store, following the business model of oh so many other social games of this sort. Interestingly, however, developer Fresh Planet has also just released a premium version of the app for $1.99. What do you get for your two bucks? You can play with twice as many friends at one time, listen to extended higher quality music clips, and the app will never have ads, ever, or so promises the App Store description. Sounds good to us! It’s a free app, so you can’t have much to lose. Except, maybe, your free time.

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Released: 2012-07-02 :: Category: Games