Sleep Talk Recorder Helps Monitor Your Subliminal Self

Posted by Blake Grundman on January 18th, 2011
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Noisy Sleepers;  We all know them...  Whether it be a continuous loud snore, excessive rolling, or even the occasional uncontrollable body flail, just about everyone knows someone with obnoxious sleep habits.  However, there is one other mental ejaculation that the human body cannot restrain once they have slipped off into a deep slumber, and it could be argued that it is the most egregious of them all: sleep talking.

There is nothing more irritating than trying to get a little REM, only to have it so rudely interrupted by a friend, partner, spouse, or roommate's unfiltered mental stream of consciousness.  As someone who has seen it first hand, I know how frustrating it can be.  Plus, to add insult to injury, it seems like ninety percent of the time, the slumber assassin has no recollection of the circumstances,

let alone any idea what they may have been mumbling about incessantly for the last eight to ten hours.  Heck, even sometimes they may not even believe you!

If you have ever been effected by this scenario, you know how validating it would be to catch your victimizers in the act.  Thankfully, iOS developer MadInSweden has your back with their new app, Sleep Talk Recorder.  Curious how it works?  Luckily they are more than willing to detail some of the app's finer features:

Sleep Talk Recorder monitors your sleep, but it's not just an ongoing recording. An advanced filtering function qualifies sounds and triggers Sleep Talk Recorder technology in a millisecond.

In Sleep Talk Recorder you get it all. A sleek interface with individual settings for sensitivity and filtering. A history that saves your recordings and sorts them on a timeline, night by night, for easy navigation.

Probably the most amusing functionality is the ability to not only edit your audio evidence into convenient bite-sized chunks, but you can also upload your clips for all to hear online.  You can even visit the the developer's website and hear the top ten ranked audio clips in any number of different categories.  So not only is it useful, but entertaining as well.  You will be shocked at what some people say under the guise of sleep!

I may go pick up Sleep Talk Recorder out of pure curiosity, because for ninety-nine cents it would be good to reassure myself that I am not inadvertently spilling every secret contained in my brain while indulging my nocturnal necessities.