After Rejecting Zynga Buyout, Shay Pierce Updates Connectrode

Posted by Carter Dotson on June 11th, 2012

There’s an update to puzzle game Connectrode available now on the App Store, but the story behind the update is as much a story as the update itself.

Connectrode is made by Shay Pierce, who at one time found himself working for OMGPOP, creators of Draw Something. He became famous for being the only employee of OMGPOP to not be part of Zynga’s buyout offer, because he would have lost control over Connectrode by joining Zynga, and for having blogged about doing so. According to Shay Pierce, the game actually saw a sizable sales increase because of it, selling “in the low thousands” after the blog post was published.

So, this Connectrode update is a thank you to the people who bought the game and supported him along the way. There’s a new endless game mode, Push Mode, that has new pieces come up from the bottom every 3 pieces or so. Connectrode is now universal, with support for the iPad Retina Display. Finally, the colors of all the pieces can be customized in order for colorblind people to enjoy the game. The free update is available now.