Lets iPad Owners Rock Out to Their Favorite Music Blogs

Posted by Carter Dotson on November 11th, 2011
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

The beauty of the .fm TLD is that when a site or service uses it, it almost automatically denotes that a music-related service is located here. proudly does not lie, as it is in fact a music service, with an iPad app now available. aggregates music blogs, and organizes them into channels of individual genres. The beauty of the app is that there are few if any videos that aren't available, as the app uses some trickery to appear as if YouTube videos aren't being viewed from mobile, so all songs and videos I attempted to play worked properly, even when the source web pages appeared to have the embedded videos blocked. As well, videos can be minimized and listened to while searching through other channels. Note that the channel aggregation is far from perfect. The evidence for that? Beyonce and Bette Midler songs popped up in the Black Metal channel. That's about as far away from black metal as one could possibly get, I think. With some more curation of the source blogs that make up the channels, this app could prove to be a truly great music discovery tool, though even in its current state there are some gems to be found.