Dilbert Calendar Is Funny, but Deceptive

Posted by Brad Hilderbrand on October 15th, 2010
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Fans of the Scott Adams Dilbert comic might see this app as too good to be true. An app which syncs to your calendar and offers a free Dilbert cartoon every day? This can't be real, can it? It turns out that it isn't, and the app which markets itself as free actually requires a subscription, which may turn a lot of folks off.

Those who do pick up the app and spring for the subscription will likely be pleased with what they find. The Dilbert Calendar syncs flawlessly with your iPhone's regular calendar, and every day features a new 15-20 second clip from the animated series. These quick jabs of workplace humor are a nice pick-me-up when you've got a case of the Mondays, and those who enjoyed the cartoon will likely welcome some classic moments from the series.

The rub comes in the fact that the app costs $0.99 a month, $4.99 for six months or $9.99 for a year. Is a series of video clips worth $10 a year when you can find them for free on YouTube? For most people the answer will likely be no. If this app were truly free as advertised then it would be an easy recommendation for anyone that enjoys office humor, but the substantial price tag ultimately regresses it to a fun novelty for truly hardcore Dilbert fans.

[youtube Vfjx6S2K3fA]