Five For Friday: Week of October 15, 2010

Posted by Chris Nitz on October 15th, 2010

Scene It? Horror:
In celebration of the impending celebration of candy, cavities, ghosts, vampires, and other horrors, why not test your horror movie knowledge as well. Scene It? Horror pits your knowledge of great movies like 28 Days Later, American Psycho, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and a massive amount more. No cheating is allowed for you movie fanatics. That means no using IMDB or loading up the movie to get the answers.

SpongeBob Marbles & Slides:
Head to Bikini Bottom to help the gang with their lack of slides. Use your fingers to draw slides to aid SpongeBob, and gang, reach the Krusty Krab in hopes of defeating Plankton. Bonuses come to those who can solve the puzzles quickly and skillfully. Hey, there is no shame in having fun with a squirrel in an astronaut suit.

Mad Office HD:
Mad Office HD is a game about a real life situation….sneaking out of work uncaught by the boss man. Those who perform combos and take greater risks are awarded more points, and the crown of super slacker. Simple controls, fun visuals, and an interesting concept are sure to add up for a good time of sneaking off to do some fishing.

You have photos and you want to share them with the world. Instagram will now only allow you to easily share photos, but it will also allow you to add a bit of a personal touch to them as well. Apply over a dozen filters to your photos, post as many photos as you like, share with friends, check in to Foursquare, and connect to a variety of social networks. This just might be the easiest way of sharing photos created to date.

TED brings you engaging chats with remarkable people. Everyone from tech gurus to music legends are here waiting for your attention. You can even explore the entire TEDTalks library for that obscure clip you have long missed. TED now even includes more iPad love with the new iPad edition.