Scene It? Pixel Flix Movies Finally Combines the Two Best Visual Medias

Posted by Rob Rich on August 18th, 2011
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Film trivia buffs and retro video game lovers rejoice! Screenlife, makers of all things Scene It? on the App Store, have just releasedScene It? Pixel Flix. Okay so it's not a real combination of the two, but rather a trivia game dressed-up in vaguely 8-bit visuals. Still, it's a neat idea and certainly grabbed my attention.

Players take on the role of a pock-marked theater usher as they attempt to complete a gauntlet of movie related trivia questions and ultimately square-off against the theater's "boss." It follows the same basic structure as most other titles in the genre with multiple categories to choose from (Leading Ladies, Horror, etc...) and several different methods of answering questions on a timer. My personal favorite is the one that recreates famous movie scenes in pixel form and asks players to guess the film. Watching an 8-bit rendition of Sarah Connor blasting away at that liquid metal guy is hilarious.

Pixel Flix is free (ad supported) and sitting in the App Store right now.The base experience is bound to keep small-time trivia hounds busy, but the elite can also buy add-ons such as new genre questions and power-ups through in-app purchases. Just remember to clear some space before downloading as it's a somewhat hefty 160 MB.