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TomTom Now With iPad Support

Posted by Jennifer Allen on October 28th, 2011

The arrival of iOS5 has meant that many app developers have had to update their products to work with the new operating system. Fortunately many, like TomTom, have used that opportunity to improve upon an already successful app.

TomTom 1.9 offers numerous changes, most notably optimization for the iPad at last.

iPad optimization means that TomTom now offers a full-screen display which promises the ability to see the driving view at the same time as the Advanced Lane Guidance images that we've all come to appreciate from the product. Ultimately, it's all down to space and who can resist the saying 'bigger is better' in this case? More room to see what's going on has to be good for drivers as they keep an eye on the road as well as their TomTom app.

The interface for both iPhone and iPad users has been updated and improved upon, ensuring that TomTom is quicker than ever to use. Driving view can be checked with just one touch from anywhere with guidance options similarly easy to check out. Even switching between different route types takes mere moments thanks to the improvements made to the app.

As we've all come to expect from TomTom, maps have also been updated to take into account any road changes in recent times.

TomTom users may have also found that they had trouble with their existing subscription to TomTom HD Traffic before this update. Fortunately for them, to make up for the inconvenience TomTom will be extending their subscription by 30 days as way of compensation. Hurrah!

One bad piece of news for anyone still using an iPhone 3G however, this is the last update of TomTom that will fully support the device. Future updates can be downloaded for any iPhone 3G users but the new features won't be available. Maybe this is the ideal time to upgrade to a shiny new 4S?

The latest version of TomTom is available now.

Social Networking Based Navigational App Waze Is Updated To 3.0

Posted by Jennifer Allen on October 20th, 2011

What's the best way of knowing how to travel around an area? A satnav app like TomTom? That would be an easy thing to assume but it's actually the wrong answer. The best way to explore anywhere is via local knowledge, right down to knowing where the regular traffic hotspots are or a new set of roadworks, recently installed in the area.

Waze has done a pretty good job in the past of providing social mobile navigation that combines gaming and crowd-sourcing in order to provide real-time, live maps and data. We already covered how useful Waze was last year, but it's now even better thanks to a significant update in the form of 3.0.

Waze 3.0 has had its entire UI redesigned in order to implement a new and more minimalist interface. Two large buttons form the focus for much of the app, ensuring it's easy to use. It's also pretty glorious to look at with cutesy logos making for a much more attractive appearance than what we all know and are used to with navigational apps.

A new search engine means that Waze is fully integrated with Yelp, Foursquare and Bing. This means it's easy for users to search for, navigate to and check-in at numerous destinations they might not have already known about. Such functionality makes for exciting developments such as real-time POIs (Points of Interest) such as the recent OccupyWallStreet protests and other similar fast moving events.

A wall type communication system has been added to Waze Groups, enabling users to chat with others in the area. A Waze mood feature provides more social networking fun, also.

Full text to speech functionality has been added for US and Canadian users along with other minor but ever useful changes such as the speed boost that Waze has profited from.

All these features put together means that Waze is now a pretty intelligent and worthwhile alternative to other Sat Nav products, even more so given the fact that it costs absolutely nothing to download!