lolo Burn Is A Real Running Trainer

Posted by Chris Hall on August 6th, 2010
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I personally love fitness training apps, especially the ones that tell me what to do at all times. My problem when working out, and this is especially true with running, is that I always want to stop. I can use RunKeeper all day, but after I get past mile 2-3, I start losing interest fast.

lolo Burn is the first running trainer that I know of that not only tracks your progress on a treadmill, but also talks to you along the way. it tells you, in a nice, calm voice (voiced by a real person named Britani, not a scary computer voice) that you need to run for X number of minutes of X speed and X incline. The lolo voice doesn't quite have the motivational skills that my old soccer coach possessed, but I also don't have to be afraid of balls being thrown at my head.

For a bit of extra push, lolo Burn also includes 24 fitness tracks (you can also use your own music) that matches beats with your running pace. The built in music is the typical stuff that you would expect to hear in a Lifetime Fitness aerobics class, but if that's your thing then you are set.

Pick up lolo Burn today for $4.99 at your local App Store, and enjoy your run!