Hit the Slopes, Ski Dude!

Posted by Rob Rich on November 14th, 2011
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Save Minecraft, I think the most sought after (and demanded) iOS port would have to be Chris Pirih's SkiFree. A few have tried their hand at bringing the yeti-infested favorite to iOS, but the results have been a bit... mixed. Pink Zombie Studios has decided to give it a go, regardless, and the result is Ski Dude.

Ski Dude, much like its predecessor, involves avoiding obstacles and jumping off of ramps in order to rack-up a high score. In this iteration there's no finish line. Players just go until they use up their three lives, then start over from zero. Going over jumps will nab points (as will grabbing presents littered throughout the course), but will also speed up the action. Conversely, plowing through snow piles will slow things down a bit. And this being an iOS game and all, the titular character can be guided left and right with either touch or accelerometer controls.

It may or may not be the release everyone's been hoping for, but it's here and it's totally free to play. I'm a bit disappointed that there don't appear to be any abominable snow monsters rampaging about, though. Of course, who's to say they won't make an appearance at some point? Anything is possible, right?