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Robokill - Rescue Titan Prime Review

By Ben Briggs on November 15th, 2010
Robokill invites you into a world that is strewn with swarms of enemies, and, although repetitive, in small doses you’ll find an impressively long and enjoyable game.
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Robokill Brings the Pain to iPad

Posted by Blake Grundman on October 29th, 2010

When it comes to things that gamers like, guns, robots and science fiction just seem to go hand in hand. The only thing missing from the formula is a few undead brain munchers and you will have covered virtually ever shooter ever produced, not to mention the most derivative game ever. Thankfully, some people have common sense and realized that while not everything can be packaged together successfully, the first three items seem to combine quite nicely, and thus the new iPad game Robokill – Rescue Titan Prime was born.

Based on a flash game of a similar name (it is hard to determine if it is a port or sequel), Robokill is a futuristic shooter, where your main goal is to fight off a hoard of futuristic robots hellbent on your destruction. The real question becomes: in futuristic, sci-fi settings have you ever met a robot outside of R2-D2 and 3CPO, that DIDN'T want you dead?  This epic space-themed throwdown has some of the following features:

  • 460 levels with 13 hardcore missions

  • Stunning graphics optimized especially for iPad

  • Blazing fast gameplay

  • Uber-responsive controls

  • Awesome original soundtrack

  • A smooth learning curve with increasingly challenging maps and smart enemy AI

  • Inventory for customizing onboard weapons before each new battle; try different combos of arm and shoulder-mounted guns, shield boosters and emergency repair packs

  • Detailed weapons stats & in-game weapons feedback for kickback, fire rates and damage estimates

  • Experience points

  • Character progression

  • Hidden power-ups

  • Weapons and gear drops

  • Map-based exploration

  • Checkpoints / teleportation nodes

  • Cash and hidden loot to purchase upgrades in the virtual shop

Wow, that is quite a bit of boasting for a single press release.  I did manage to find some time to boot up the flash game this afternoon and found it to be a fairly enjoyable experience that - if handled well - could transition into being a fun iPad experience.  Plus, when you figure that there will be a whopping 460 stages, The purchase will surely give you an experience worth your time and money.

Robokill's developer, Wandrake Game Studio, was kind enough to provide us with a trailer to help satiate the masses until its November release in the App Store.  Give it a look and let us know what you think in the comments.