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Remarks Review

iPad App - Designed for iPad
By Lisa Caplan on February 10th, 2012
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Remarks has the raw ingredients of a great app, but lacks some basic features.
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Five For Friday: Week of February 3

Posted by Jennifer Allen on February 3rd, 2012

Another week has left us behind along with the first month of the year. As always with the arrival of Friday, we take a few moments to round up five of the most interesting apps and games that we've yet to cover in a more extensive form. There will be fun to be had and new recipes to be learnt, amongst other things.


At its simplest, the iPad makes for a fantastic note taking tool. Just because the process of writing notes is relatively simple doesn't mean that the results have to be plain though. Remarks is part PDF annotating application, part PDF notes creator. It's simple to edit and view PDF files but just as easy to write or sketch ideas, through either handwriting or text input.

Avid Studio

Aspirations to master film editing? Avid Studio has it covered. Offering simple yet effective video editing functionality, the app allows for easy rearranging of clips, the ability to add high-quality transitional effects and even a soundtrack. It's surprisingly powerful stuff so iPad 1 owners may find themselves suffering from a few problems but iPad 2 owners will revel in the creativity.

Off The Leash

Off The Leash is all about helping Steve the loveable Golden Retriever escape the Chief of Police. 7 different dogs can be unlocked across 90 different missions. Tilt-based controls mean that Steve's quest is simple to learn but great fun to master. It's got a great 'one more go' vibe to it.

Veggie Meals

New recipes are fun to discover and nutritious meals are all the more satisfying. Veggie Meals offers 55 easy to cook vegetable based recipes, catering for both vegetarians and vegans. Salads, soups, pasta, stews, burgers, pies and bread and desserts are all provided for here with attractive photography and informative step by step instructions sealing the deal.

Tweet Land

Tweet Land isn't th usual kind of racing game. It's one that changes according to the real world and the tweets that world events invoke. Each experience with Tweet Land is different, changing according to real-time events. It makes the old school looking game feel that bit more exciting and the ideal game to drop in on a daily basis to see what's changed. Plus, there's the opportunity to escape tsunamis and zombies, all in the same game!