FrEEday Vol 54

Posted by Blake Grundman on July 29th, 2011


Nothing harkens back to the days of old school gaming like platformers.  Thanks to the rebirth of retro style gaming on iOS, this long lost but heavily appreciated gamestyle looks to be back in a big way.  Cordy is a perfect example of this, along with puzzle mechanics, mixing perfectly into a tremendous amalgamation of awesomeness.  The base game includes several free levels, along with more that can purchased should you see fit.  Take it out for a jump and let us know what you think.

Dice Soccer

Sports meets Magic: The Gathering in this hybrid sports and card game.  Yes, you read that right, SPORTS AND CARD GAME.  Structured much like traditional "battle" focused trading card games, Dice Soccer is the type of sports title that could pique the interest of even the most nonathletic souls.  Featuring over eighty different players to collect, filling in a wide variety of different positions, this is a control freak's dream.  Time to hit the pitch, only without the whole cleats and sweat thing.

Tekken Bowl

To be blatantly blunt and totally look a gift horse in the mouth, who the heck asked for this?  Tekken, known worldwide for its hardcore arcade fighting games, taking a trip to the bowling alley?  What was once a mini-game in one of the full Tekken releases comes to iOS in beautiful bite sized chucks of bowling brawling.  Sadly you will not be able to throw down in hand-to-hand combat, but rolling a strike with a panda bear has to be the next best thing!

Puppy World

I am pretty sure that these is nothing on this planet that is cuter than a puppy.  Granted, my two dachshunds might have made me a bit biased on that front, but I can even remember as a kid wanting to have Digi-Pet puppies that I couldn't get enough of.  Cuing on this prior nostalgia for inanimate animals, Puppy World was born.  With over fifty different breeds of canine to choose from, players should have many hours of cleaning digital defecate ahead of them.

Soccer Superstars 2011

Following the soccer theme from earlier, Soccer Superstars 2011 is another microtransaction based sports game from Japan that is bound to steal many hours from your life.  While not forcing players to spend any money out of pocket to upgrade their line-up and skill levels, it certainly helps to speed up the process of taking a team of zeros to unbeatable heroes.  If you are looking to not spend anything, however, the game is still fully featured and at your disposal, just be ready to invest an insane amount of micromanagement time.