Proton Boy to Feature High-Flying Alien Killing

Posted by Carter Dotson on February 27th, 2012

Indepndent developer David Hovanky has announced his new iOS game, Proton Boy. The game will let players take to the skies a jetpack-powered hero, whose goal is to help defend the Omega Alpha system from an armada of menacing aliens: the Vectaran. Players will use their accelerometer to fly through the skies, taking out their ships. There will also be levels with obstacles to fly around, and open-arena segments where players do that AND take down enemies. Players will earn money for destroying baddies and picking up star coins, which can be spent on upgrades like giant weaponized alien-destroying armor. Of course, considering that the player is controlling the very last line of defense, why the forces of humanity wouldn’t just give him the most powerful weapons right away isn’t exactly clear. But hey, times are tough and capitalism is still king, and no alien is ever going to take that away from us! Proton Boy is currently in development, with plans to release this winter.