Profiles: A Friends Focused Facebook App

Posted by Jennifer Allen on August 30th, 2011
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Sometimes it's the simplest things that are the coolest. That's exactly what the new Facebook based app Profiles is trying to be.

It's an app that focuses entirely on the user's friends. It lays out all of the user's friends' profiles as a mosaic of images. It makes for a simple yet intriguing collection of images. A brighter person than I would probably call it a rich tapestry of someone's life as friends certainly make life all the richer. Once the mosaic has been created, it can then be saved to the iOS device to be used as wallpaper, printed or anything else that might come to mind.

That's not all there is to Profiles as the user can then simply tap on a person's photo to view their recent statuses and updates just like a regular Facebook app.

There's no denying that Profiles is a simple app but it does make for an interesting one. Considering it's free to download, it's definitely worth a look. Hopefully more features will be added in the future.