Send In The Clones! - NYT Now Licensing App DNA

Posted by Chris Hall on August 3rd, 2010
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With print on the way out and digital here to stay, it's becoming more and more important for print newspapers to go digital (and find a way to make money doing so). The New York Times is trying to stay ahead of the digital curve, already coming out with its NYTimes app, by licensing the "DNA" of its app, as well as app maintenance, to other papers.

According to their press release, their "Press Engine" will support, "partial offline reading and the ability to save articles; share functionality; photo gallery, audio and video; horizontal and vertical reading; simple search; and device-standard advertising units."

A few papers have already signed up for the template, including the Dallas Morning News, who is said to have hopes to have an iPad app, using the Press Engine, up by the beginning of next year. How the Dallas Morning News, or any other buyer will make money on the venture stands to be seen, but I would expect to see a bunch of Times Reader clones in the App Store in the near future.

“This is part of the multi-faceted move into new technology” at Times Co., said Ed Atorino, an analyst at Benchmark Co. in New York. “They’ve got the content, they’ve got the brainpower. We’ll see if people will pay for this stuff.”

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