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Pioneer Electronic's AppRadio 3 In-Dash Receiver To Enhance Your In-Car Experience

Posted by Andrew Stevens on May 27th, 2013

Pioneer Electronics will launch two versions of its upcoming smartphone-connected, in-dash receiver, AppRadio 3. Both models feature a 7 inch touchscreen display that can be used to control apps, music, and AM/FM radio. It works with Siri Eyes Free that allows users to speak commands, such as selecting music, maps, calendar information, and more. It also has bluetooth connectivity for streaming audio. The AppRadio 3 models will be available to liven up your vehicles this July for $399 and $499.

New Pioneer Receiver Could Be iOS User's Dream Box

Posted by Jeff Scott on March 8th, 2011

The Pioneer VSX-1021 is a $549 receiver that works great with an iOS device via AirPlay, Bluetooth, and with a direct connection via the front panel USB port. This really is the iPhone and iPad owners perfect receiver. Not only can you connect via the direct connection and control your music playback via the receiver, you can also stream music from your device via Bluetooth, and AirPlay.

Pioneer have also created a couple interesting apps that interface with this new receiver. First up, iControlAV2, a universal app. This app lets you throw away the remote and completely control the receiver from your iOS device. Every aspect of the receiver can be controlled. From simple things like switching inputs and the volume, to complex tasks like renaming the inputs and configuring the sound for the room. Take a look at the screenshots below for an idea of the polish of this app.

Next up is a party app called Air Jam. This app lets up to four iOS devices create and control a playlist assembled from the music on the devices. The music is then streamed to the VSX-1021 via Bluetooth. A couple shots are below.

Here's a quick rundown on some of the features that set the VSX-1021 apart from some other receivers and make it a true iOS users dream.

Partial Pioneer VSX-1021 features:

- 7.1 Channel
- Front panel USB port for connection to iPod, iPhone, iPad
- Playback of audio / video from enabled apps
- iOS device charging, including iPad
- AirPlay enabled
- DLNA enabled
- Internet Radio with vTuner
- App Enabled with iControlAV2 and Air Jam apps
- 5 HDMI inputs

The Pioneer VSX-1020 should be available later this month at most major retailers and Amazon.