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Photo Academy, from the makers of PhotoCaddy, is a nifty little photo app that’s just been released on the App Store. Why is this worth mentioning? Because it’s looking to be a must-have for amateur shutterbugs, that’s why.

This is no mere camera filter. No, Photo Academy is a massive cross-referenced database absolutely full of tips, tricks and techniques for almost any imaginable photo-op situation. Within reason, of course. Users simply have to choose a topic, then can browse through a number of sub-categories that range from how to handle different lighting situations to what equipment to use. Useful tips can even be bookmarked for later/repeated use.

Photo Academy also includes a “Photo 101″ guide for total greenhorns, example photos and a Shoot Diary for more adventurous users. The Shoot Diary lets them keep track of almost all the details surrounding a particular image, including weather, time of day, location and, of course, the photo itself. Diary entries can even be posted online through Twitter, email and Facebook in order to document personal achievements (i.e. brag) or offer up pointers for other users. I’m honestly quite interested in seeing if and how a community forms around this app.

Again, this is no mere iOS camera app. This is a full-blown how-to encyclopedia of photographic knowledge. These tips apply to actual cameras, with aperture settings, shutter speeds and the like. Some of the basics can be applied to the little hole that sits in the corner of a given iOS device, but it’s meant more for the real thing. Which is something that all amateur photographers are probably more interested in anyway.

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
Released: 2011-08-18 :: Category: Photography

PhotoCaddy Review

PhotoCaddy Review

iPhone App - Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad
PhotoCaddy is an impressive compendium of photography information that makes it an ideal app for novices.

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iPhotographer: PhotoCaddy HD Review

Developer: Aspyre Apps

Price: $3.99
Version: 1.0
App Reviewed on: iPad

iPad Integration Rating: ★★★★☆
User Interface Rating: ★★★★☆
Re-use Value Rating: ★★★★☆

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

Ever been walking around shooting photos and wondered how to take a photo of a particular subject? Maybe you love those images of the stars, or you enjoy shooting babies. Whatever your passion, there are often questions on the best techniques for shooting that subject of desire. PhotoCaddy HD is here to help squash those questions.

PhotoCaddy HD brings a fair amount of information on a wide range of photography subjects to the iPad. There is something here for everyone of all skill levels. Beginners will find the Essentials category full of fundamental information on ISO, Aperture, Exposure and so much more. More experienced photographers will find a detailed reference to remind themselves of less frequently used settings and techniques.

The categories then expand to include a vast number of subjects. Everything from shooting forests, stars, parades, live music, and so much more is listed here. Jumping into a category will yield some typical settings for shooting that subject matter. There are also some basic tips to shooting a particular subject ranging from suggested equipment to best times to shoot.

Expanding the use of tips and typical settings is the My Notes and User Tips sections. This is where users will find the most use of this app. My Notes is a great place to take notes on settings, locations, and picture numbers relating to these items. These notes are only limited by what the user is willing to fill in.

The User Tips are where the better ideas come into play. While the basic tips listed in the app can be helpful, users can submit how they like to shoot a particular subject matter. This can be a great way to break a creative block as well. Look at how someone shoots something, then go try that and see how the resulting images turn out. You can even submit your own user tip if you have something great to add.

While this app is geared towards new to mid level photographers, pros will find this of some value as well. The notes section does make it easy to break down your favorite ways of shooting particular items. No more fumbling through stacks of Moleskines looking for notes on how you shot that perfect stairwell at dusk. Just add the note to the appropriate section here and enjoy a decent note filing system.

There is a small downside to the app, though. There is a fair amount of info here, but it can be limited at times. Those who demand in-depth exposés on aperture settings, aerial shooting, exposure and the like will find this a good primer, but nothing like what a good book will provide. This is a starting point, not a comprehensive study of the art of photography.

The other limitation is ultimately due to the iPad form factor itself. I took this with me to take notes with during a shoot in the mid morning hours and I quickly realized why a pen and paper are so helpful. You can’t enter notes when you cannot see the screen due to glare or bright ambient light. I ended up taking notes with an antique pencil and paper and then later entered those scribbles into the app.

At $4, this app is a must own for the new and intermediate photographer. Professionals might find the price a bit steep for an app that only provides one or two useful features. There is an iPhone version available for those without an iPad. It is very unfortunate there is not a lite version for people to try.


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