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Five, Or Six, For Friday: Week of October 29, 2010

Posted by Chris Nitz on October 29th, 2010

Bungee Ball – Pumpkin Smash:
Smashing pumpkins does not have to result in some poor kid in tears as they wake to find their hard work destroyed. In fact, it can be even more fun when you are slinging a spiked ball tethered to a bungee cord around. We reviewed Bungee Ball on our sister site ThePortableGamer, but now it looks like the developers have added a fun Halloween twist to the mix. Ninety levels will keep you destroying pumpkins all weekend!

Breakout those match three skills as you are going to need them for this fun Halloween inspired game of matching. Four game modes offer up plenty to do if you have just a minute to play, or you can dedicate an hour to this addiction. Match ghosts, pumpkins, candy, and more Halloween icons with twitch reactions as you do not even have to wait for cleared spaces to fill with new blocks. Bonus: for those of you that just cannot wait for the fat man in the red suit, there is even a Christmas theme to get you ready for sleigh bells.

Paper Ninja Halloween:
Even Ninjas want to be gussied up in costumes to celebrate the Halloween festivities. To bad for them, you are here to hack and slash their paper asses back to the dark corners from which they spawned. Be quick though, as split second decisions have to be made in order to rack up high scores and killer combos. Simple fun everyone can enjoy while warming up in the car between ringing doorbells.

Home Gene-Splicing Kit
Have you ever wondered what your mortal enemy would look like if you had the ability to mutate them into a sheep? Wonder no more as the Home Gene-Splicing Kit will allow you to combine your worst enemies’ genes with said sheep. Do all of this while you laugh in your best demonic voice. Well, maybe it is not that good, but you can take photos of just about anything with a face and mutate it in a million different ways. Then share your beloved gene-spliced creations with the world without fear of moral retort!

R.L. Stine’s Haunted House of Sound
Have you ever wondered what a good book would be like with some interesting sound clips? Maybe you even make your own sounds while you read. Those dreams are about to be answered with five R.L. Stine stories. You can choose from 150 preloaded sounds, or make your own if you cannot find just the right sound for the story. Add these sounds to the story of your choice to make it hilarious, goofy, or just downright frightening. Then share your work with friends and start making your next masterpiece.

Dracula: The Official Stoker Family Edition for iPad
Just because it is Halloween, why not throw in one extra app for you to enjoy? This is no rehashing of the same old Dracula story, just reprinted with new font and a pretty new cover. Over 600 illustrations and 300 pages of abridged text add to the reading experience. As your eyes devour the story, new images, audio, and films are revealed. Some of these goodies have never seen the light of day for the general public. Dracula fans will find plenty to salivate over this great app.

Paper Ninja Review

By Brad Hilderbrand on October 28th, 2010
The newest update to Paper Ninja takes an already enjoyable game and puts it over the top with Achievements and great power-ups.
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