FrEEday Vol 44

Posted by Chris Nitz on May 13th, 2011

Pocket Home:
Gamers who dream of owning their very own McMansion but don't want to pay the exorbitant cost to own one of those cookie cutter homes have a new option. Pocket Home will allows players to design their own house from an array of options. Choose something that best fits a desired lifestyle and then fill it with junk. It is all virtual, so who cares if the couch clashes with the carpet!

Paper Glider Para Drop:
Remember the good times of throwing army men off the tallest slide and watching them glide to safety thanks to a cheap parachute? Now those times can be relived with Paper Glider Para Drop. Choose from 12 different parachute designs and then guide the paper glider safe to the target. Be carful though, deadly campfires await those that glide a bit too far.

Pucca's Restaurant:
The fate of a restaurant rests squarely in the players hand in Pucca's Restaurant. Gamers will start out as a no-name chef and work their way up to world class culinary master status. Design a kitchen that works best, cook through 50 different recipes, and even view how friends are doing with their dining establishments. It is nice when the onions don't trigger sobbing fits!

Archetype Cadet
Need a bit of training before jumping into Archetype? Look no further. Archetype Cadet HD is a training ground designed to hone the skills of players looking to jump into the online shooting sensation. Run through two levels with seven different weapon types in hopes of getting a headshot on one of nine other players. There are no more excuses for bad skills.

Super Ball Escape HD:
Super Ball Escape promises to challenge players skill in balance and agility. Players must control a robot ball and guide him through various mazes in hopes of finding freedom. Marble Madness has grown up!