FrEEday Vol 30

Posted by Chris Nitz on January 21st, 2011

Finally, Friday is upon us and the weekend is just about here. While you maybe planning a big football party this weekend, you still have to make it through the final few hours of hiding under your desk at work. Here are a few free games to help you pass the time in that cold dark closet of boss hiding +1.

Cavern Drake –
Want to fly a dragon and hurl fireballs at baddies? Then Cavern Drake has you covered. Fly Drake around dark caves, blast massive waves of bats from the sky, and avoid all obstacles that come in your way. Some special items, upgrades, and even in-game achievements round out the gaming package. With almost no learning curve to the game, this is one that just about anyone can pick up and play.

Roulette World –
Roulette is one gambling game that is played in just about every corner of the world. Sure, there are variations on this formula, but the basic premise is the same. You bet big money in hopes of making even more money. Roulette World may not suck your bank account dry, but it does make virtual gambling big, beautiful, and fun. Why waste real money in a casino when you can blow virtual coin in your PJs!

Empire Online –
Who knew iOS would turn into a massive multiplayer online gaming platform? While this is not the first MMO to drop on the iPhone or iPad, it is the first one you can easily play in short bursts. Guilds, dungeons, gear, a crazy high leveling system, and a massive world are just the beginnings. There is not even a monthly subscription fee. Try this one if you want to dip your toes into what is turning into a great genre on iOS!

Cannon Blast Bill –
Your unemployment streak comes to an end when the employment agency finds you a great job in the circus. Sadly, that job is as a human cannon ball. All you have to do is keep Bill in the air until he reaches his final destination. Twelve levels, an endless mode, and pick up and play controls make this a great game to play while playing hide and seek from the boss.

Outlaws – The Race –
The future is here, and unfortunately, life is rather hard. Your life as a criminal is nothing but a constant fleeing from the cops. You will control one of three criminals in three different super cars as they try to escape the cops in a high-speed futuristic car chase. Three laps are all it takes to find your way to freedom, and continue your life of crime.