OneTuner Brings Music and Social Updates to Your Ears

Posted by Carter Dotson on July 26th, 2012

OneTuner is a radio station app that not only features streaming music, but also features integration of user’s social accounts.

There are thousands of radio stations available from several dozen different genres. It’s possible to filter by country and language, though sadly there are no Afrikaans heavy metal stations. Stations can be starred and added to a favorites list. Of course, the app supports background audio for listening while using other apps. Have a streaming radio station that would be worthy of inclusion in the app? Use the “Add radio station” feature in the options to submit for inclusion.

What the app’s most intriguing feature might be is its ability to play a user’s Twitter timeline and Facebook news feed as audio. Just log in, and the iSpeech text-to-speech engine will automatically playback tweets as a news channel. It’s perfect for staying up to date while in the car, or if one wants to stay up to date while still playing whatever game they want. Someday, if Apple opens up some Siri APIs, the developers should add in the ability to say “Siri, Like!” “Siri, retweet!” Maybe someday.

The developers claim that the app does not and will not have subscriptions, and is supported through ads in the free version, and a paid ad-free version.