Have A Blast From The Past With Old Timey Photo Booth

Posted by Blake Grundman on January 10th, 2012

Have you ever seen one of those ancient black and whit photos and wished you were there?  Yeah, me neither...  But in case you feel misplaced in the current century, the upcoming app Old Timey Photo Booth is coming to make your dreams come true.

Will it allow you to climb into a Delorian with Marty McFly to zap yourself into the past for a photo?  Of course not, it is impossible to find a functioning flux capacitor is this day and age.  Instead it allows you to take photos on an existing iOS device and overlay those images on honest to goodness vintage images.

While it isn't exactly a time travel, it is still neat to seen ancient looking photos with familiar faces.  Keep an eye peeled for this unique tool, because it is slated to hit the App Store by the middle of the month.  Until then, you can get back to your research with Doc Brown.