Occupiers Revenge, a Physics-based Game About the Occupy Movement

Posted by Kevin Stout on March 29th, 2012

YMG Enterprises has just released Occupiers Revenge, an Angry Birds-like game with a social and political twist. Apparently the “birds” are the ‘revolutionary 99%’ taking back the money stolen from us by the evil bankers of the world.

As members of the Occupy Movement, players will work their way through levels of flinging the lower and middle classes at the evil bankers while racking up stars and points for each level. And while the developers seem to take the Occupy Movement seriously, this is a great way to lighten the mood and take out your frustrations on bankers standing in for the pigs.

And if the players happen to learn something about the current economic situation and the Occupy Movement, even better. Each time a player beats a level, they're presented with facts about the Occupy Movement.

So take out some frustration and maybe learn a thing or two. Occupiers Revenge is available for just $0.99.